Dredging Pipes Features

16'' cutter dredger pipeline HDPE Pipe with MDPE Pipe Floater

РDredging Pipes  usually pipes are manufactured according to container length in 11.80 mm.
– Dredging Pipes is manufactured on a large cylinder mandrels.
– Get sourced on Dredging Pipes, extruder produced in different forms, according to the electro-fusion welded joints and welded.
– There is no need to insert in the welding process.
– Dredging Pipes joined by two end flanges and flange adapters.
– It does not need additional parts for Dredging Pipes. Ventilation shafts used in place will be used fittings.
– Dredging Pipes are manufactured according to the operating pressure of desired.

Area of uses:

– Highways, motorways drainage applications.
– Railway drainage applications.
– Dam, canals, irrigation infrastructures drainage applications.
– Airport infrastructure drainage applications.
– Drainage applications for structures such as school, hospital, hotel etc.
– Drainage applications for mass housings, industrial and sports facilities.